Service & Rates

Holistic Family Medicine has two types of patients:

Primary care patient

To be considered a primary care patient, you must have an annual physical exam with Dr. Dickey. Certain health conditions require more frequent follow up visits e.g. diabetes, hypertension, ADD.

Consult patient

You already have a primary care doctor overseeing your general health but would like to consult with Dr. Dickey for further information.


Infant and Child exam

New born through Age 11 years (incl. school physical)

Teen exam

Ages 12 through 17 years (incl. school physical)

Young adult exam

Ages 18 through 35 years

Adult exam

Ages 36 plus

Well Woman

Complete breast and pelvic exam, incl. papsmear lab
If included with physical exam, add to exam fee$260


30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


** Immunizations, laboratory and/or diagnostic tests may be required and are not included in the above rates.

Late/Cancellation Fees

Please give HFM a minimum of 24-hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This gives HFM time to reschedule another patient. If we do not receive a cancellation notice, you will be charged for the allotted appointment time.


Holistic Family Medicine does not accept any insurance plans, Medicaid or Medicare. (Health saving account dollars are accepted). We are a fee for service practice. This means that payment in full is expected at the time of service. We do not file insurance for our patients, but we will generate a claim form (CMS1500) that patients can file with their insurance company for reimbursement (excluding Medicaid and Medicare). To find out if your insurance will cover Dr. Dickey?s services, call the Customer Service number on your insurance card and ask them what your plan covers for an "out of network/service" doctor.


We order labs from all local companies-Clinical Pathology Labs, Labcorp, Quest and Doctors General Labs.

We also do nonstandard testing to include adrenal, stool, metals and hormones. Our testing companies include Alcat, Diagnos-techs, Genova, Spectracell, Biohealth, Igenex, Metametrix and Neurogistics.

If you have insurance, labs may be covered (dependent upon your plan). If you are not using insurance, labs can be ordered and paid for privately through our office.


We order radiological studies from Austin Radiological Association and Austin Health Imaging. Both companies have lower rates for cash payers. If you have insurance, studies may be covered by your plan.


Dr. Dickey does several procedures in office. Removal of lumps, bumps, moles and warts by cryosurgery or excisional biopsy. Trigger point and joint injections. Call for pricing.

Forms and Excuses

If forms require more than a signature, an office visit is required for completion.

Prescription Refills

For prescription refills, contact your pharmacy and request a refill, even if you have no refills left. The pharmacy will fax your request to our office, asking for an authorization to refill. Please allow 24 hours for this to be completed.

Please give 24 hours notice of prescriptions to be picked up from HFM.

No prescriptions will be refilled after 3pm on Fridays.

Medication Follow-up

Certain health conditions e.g. hormonal, chronic diseases, ADD have to be followed regularly. Dr. Dickey will tell you how often he needs to see you so that you can continue to receive your medication. Please be aware that you may have to visit with Dr. Dickey before securing a refill.