General Rules of Antibiotic

  • Complete all the antibiotic prescribed, even if you feel better, so all residual bacteria are killed, thus avoiding a rebound infection.
  • If you are not better 2-3 days before you run out of antibiotic, call your doctor.   You may need a refill or a change of medicine.
  • Always take your antibiotic at the same time of day.  Consistency matters.
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking antibiotics.  They will not work as well.
  • Eat yoghurt with active yeast cultures daily and for five days after completion of your antibiotics.  You can also take acidophilus/bifidus cultures in pill form.  These good organisms will repopulate your digestive tract with safe and healthy organisms which antibiotics remove along with the bad organisms.
  • Most antibiotics can be taken with food.  Avoid co-administration of antibiotics and your vitamins/minerals, especially with fluoroquinolones. You should avoid milk products with tetracycline and you should take minocycline on an empty stomach. Avoid antacids with most antibiotics. 
  • Antibiotics are not pain medicines.  You will not begin feeling better immediately, but only after 2-3 days, once enough bacteria has been killed.
  • Antibiotics can have side effects.  Most common ones are nausea and skin rash.  You may not have to stop taking the medicine if you experience a side effect.  You should call your doctor.