About Dr. Dickey

Dr. Dickey grew up in West Houston, the son of an ear nose and throat surgeon and a physical education teacher. They were an active family with vacations spent skiing or scuba diving. He graduated from Memorial High school and went to the University of Texas, Austin, as an art major with a minor in French. He spent a summer at school in Cannes, France. After 3 years studying art, Dr. Dickey changed his major to Economics. Upon graduation from the University of Texas, he joined the Air Force, as a navigator, to fly the C141. During Desert Storm, he was stationed in Zaragoza, Spain where he met his wife, Hazel. After being discharged from the Air Force, Dr. Dickey returned to Texas, married and reentered the University of Texas to complete premedical requirements. With two young sons, the family moved to San Antonio for Dr. Dickey to attend The University of Texas Health Science Centre medical school. The family welcomed their daughter during second year of medical school. After medical school, they moved to Massachusetts, where Dr. Dickey completed his Family Practice residency at Beverly Hospital, Massachusetts. After completion of his residency program, he worked with Holistic Family Practice in Newbury, Massachusetts for three years. After six years in New England, Dr. Dickey decided to return home to Austin, Texas to open his own practice.

“I have always been very interested in alternative methods of healing. It began during my early years at UT when I practiced yoga and meditation. This raised my awareness of other paths to improve my health and well being. Dr. Andrew Weil published his book “Spontaneous Healing” during this period that complemented my discovery of alternative methods of healthcare. This blossomed with my job in New England, where I worked beside acupuncturists, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a yoga therapist, homeopaths, psychologists, and a DO who practiced spinal manipulation. The philosophy of that practice combined with my individual study has shaped my practice style. Recreationally, I follow my interest in art and music, as well as building things. I built out my practice from an old house. I am very active, swimming at Stacy pool and running in the Adams park neighborhood. My children keep me involved in a variety of sports and outdoor activities (we are all archers). Of course, I still do yoga and meditate!”