I use western medicines when appropriate but recognize that many problems can be better addressed at their roots... Overall, I offer comprehensive custom medical care for those interested in truly having a personal physician.

- Dr. M. Rayner Dickey 

We are a full service family practice clinic providing primary care for your whole family, from pediatrics to geriatrics, in a comfortable healing environment. Our philosophy is holistic with a total approach to health addressing body, mind and spirit, with customized solutions to your individual health care needs. We believe health is more than non-sickness and, therefore, place importance on spirituality, mental peace and fitness, as well as physical health.

Holistic Health Overview

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General Rules of Exercise

Be active, Ride a bike, Play sports, Get outdoors, Learn More

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General Rules of Sleep

Good sleep is key, Learn More

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General Rules of Weight Loss  

Cutting 500 calories a day equals 4 pounds of weight loss a month. Learn More